About Nordstil - Nordstil - De Stijl van het Hoge Noorden
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The Style of the Far North


Ever since childhood, I have been closely connected to Scandinavia. As a little girl I often visited my aunt and uncle in Norway. Back in the Netherlands, I also saw the Scandinavian style in the work of my father. As an architect, he has taken inspiration from the style of the far north with its simplicity, beauty, functionality and purity.


The beautifully decorated houses & cottages with their blend of simplicity and design. Tables that are carefully set with all sorts of delicacies. The warm, rustig ambience of the Scandinavian autumn. A candle-lit hall with a vase full of freshly picked wildflowers. That, to me, is the style far north. That is Nordstil.

Nordstil brings this style to the Netherlands. We offer a carefully selected collection of Scandinavian brands that were not previously available in the Netherlands. The collection is designed around the elements:

Four elements that reflect the Scandinavian lifestyle like no other. Nature remains our greatest inspiration and combined with design, we want to offer you the style and ambience of Scandinavia. A style and ambience to love, a love that we like to share with you!

Hilsen fra Anna (Noors voor: liefs van Anna)