Beauty of the North

byPiippola collection honors simplicity, beauty and durability. The products are useful and sustainable, rough and slightly refined – all collected and processed at the Arctic Circle, by local craftspeople.

Centuries old, fallen pine from the Finnish Arctic Circle

They say a person’s upbringing has a big influence. Not only on the individual they become, but also on their work.

Born in a small village at the Finnish Polar Circle, Taina Piippola is the daughter of a forest worker. She grew up surrounded by the elements of nature – the midnight sun, the northern lights, and the deep snow covered with polarowls, bears, and berries. The nature was her playground, all year around.

byPiippola was founded back in 2010 due to Taina’s strong wish to maintain the link to the mesmerizing North and due to her affinity and love for the Northern Hemisphere. The designs are crafted from kelo – centuries old, fallen pine from the Finnish Arctic Circle, 66° 33′ 44″ N.

It takes nature centuries to create these pine trees in the Arctic climate. The change of seasons, the dry, cold Polar air, and the very slow growth makes the deadwood durable and hard as stone. Each piece of kelo is different from another, yet easily recognizable given its reddish core and rare patina. The hard material is characterised by the shimmering surface and fascinating marks and texture – cracks are only a natural part of the product and are not considered irregularities.

A little bit of the outdoors for the indoors

The mission of byPiippola is to provide any interior setting with a sense of authenticity and to give the inhabitant a sensation of becoming part of nature. byPiippola is design for the urban dweller with an intrinsic wildlife longing. Or put in other words – a little piece of the outdoors crafted for the indoors.

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