kledingrek van hout en leer

Cle Design

Cle Design praises sustainability and social responsibility. The unique designs are made of leather and recycled wood.

Sustainability and social responsibility

It all started when Julie Clement wanted to make herself a clothing rack. She lacked an overview and proper space for her clothes, as well as a beautiful alternative for her wardrobe.

She designed a clothing rack with a coat hanger in galvanized iron with two leather straps in natural color.

The clothing rack was placed in her bedroom with her friends and family commenting and praising it again and again. This gave Julie the idea to attempt to sell it.

She placed an advert on an online marketplace just for fun, and it gained a lot of bids in a short amount of time. This gave her the idea to start Cle Design.

Her wish was to sell Nordic-style interiors, where quality and functionality were high, while focusing on sustainability and social responsibility. The start of Cle Design was a fact and the assortment has been expanding with beautiful products ever since. All of which have the same high quality, made out of leather and wood in the stylish and unique way that is Cle Design. Cle Design is a Danish interior brand that makes unique objects out of leather and recycled wood.


 Cheering up your room

A plank with leather holders from Cle Design can make any room come to life. They are perfect to use as a bookshelf, as leather is an incredibly strong and durable material. The planks are also useful for in a children’s room or in a kitchen.

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