Handmade white paper being expressive in itself, the play of light and shadow with subtle differences of shades create an illusion to catch attention. Special characters can be created on cotton and flax paper by using Finnish plant fibres. The unique works are mostly made of sheets of paper or three-dimensional parts, the combination of which allows the construction of larger entities. With the timeless handmade Paperivalo products, creator Sirpa Kivilompolo aims to pass on the same fascination to handmade paper that first caught her.

The first stage in making paper by hand is to grind the fibres. This is done with a Hollander beater that grinds the fibres short enough for watermark technique.

The ground fibres are mixed with water to make paper pulp, which is then pulled out with a mould one sheet at a time.

Most of the water is drained off.

The wet sheet of paper is couched onto felt. The watermark is made by a pattern on the mould screen. Having fewer fibres, the paper is thinner on the top of the pattern.

The sheet of paper is on a felt awaiting transfer to the press.

The sheets are pressed thus removing most of the water. At the same time, the sheets adhere to the drying boards.

The sheets are dried in the drying room.

The sheet of paper is detached from the drying board.

The embossed mark of Paperivalo adds the finishing touch for the handmade paper.

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